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We are open to do all Hair Services, and Massages.  We have added Full Body Scrubs to our menu.

             Yes, you too can have beautiful hair.

Have you ever had a bad hair day? Is every day a bad hair day? Do you have dry, damaged hair? Hair loss? Thinning hair? Hair breakage? Split ends?


As my mother used to say do you need to "Get your hair fixed?" If so, the problem might be in what’s put on your hair.


Most beauty products, “Box Color” from the store or “Professional” products that you use, are not Certified 100% Organic and can contain ammonia, paraphenylenediamine (PPD), peroxide or thioglycolate. You should know that products containing these harsh chemicals can over time damage your hair.


Finally, experience the secret of beautiful, healthy hair at Cardinal Day Spas a 100% Organic Day Spa. Discover Simply Organic Oway's and O & M's Certified 100% Organic hair and facial products. They’re flower, or mineral derived and vegan friendly. See how luxurious they feel and look, be shocked at how wonderful they smell. Compare certified 100% organic products to what you have been exposed to in the past.


Some people ask, "How long do Oway's and O & M's organic products last?" The answer is simple. They last as long as the beauty industries' harsh chemicals do, but without the cumulated damage that they cause.


Have you been exposed to the beauty industries' harsh chemicals? Do you need to “Get your hair fixed?” Then you have a choice. You may continue doing what you’ve been doing and expect a different result, or you can set up a consultation by calling 540-479-1712.


Cardinal Day Spas not only has hair services, we do Massages, Facials, Manicures, and Pedicures. Facial Waxing.  Remember, Cardinal Day Spas is a 100% Organic Spa, using only 100% Organic products. 


One of our clients Sharon Grantz had this to say about massages.


“The massages I get from Julie are amazing and have helped me with relaxing and health issues. Thank you for making my quality of life so much better. Looking forward to a long relationship.” Sharon Grantz.


How about you, wouldn’t you like a nice relaxing massage?

Then call 540-479-1712and set up your appointment.



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