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Cardinal Day Spas Gift Card Specials

I’m giving you a $25.00 gift card. Why you ask? There are a few reasons. Let me explain:

  1. As a client, or future client of mine, I want to reward you with a Free gift card.


  1. I’m starting to sell gift cards. I want you to be able to share the joy of Cardinal Day Spas with your friends and family. But I don’t want you to feel left out by not having your own personal gift card.


  1. I’m starting a rewards program for clients and future clients, one where a gift card is required. This is how it will work:
  • After the $25.00 on your gift card has been used you can then add as much money to your card as you wish, and you may reload your empty card as often as you like. What’s so special about that you might ask? Well, the additional money that you add to your card will cost you 10% less than the value. For example: adding $100.00 to your card will only cost you $90.00.
  • When you bring or refer a new customer to Cardinal Day Spas and they purchase a minimum of $50.00 in services, I’ll reward you by adding $25.00 to your card. Additionally, when you purchase a gift card for a friend or relative you will receive the 10% discount on their gift card’s price.
  • If on your friend’s visit they buy a minimum $50.00 of services, they too will be rewarded with a $25.00 gift card. The gift card may then be used for services on their visit, but not for products or tip. If after your friends visit, they wish to set up their next appointment they may add money to their card and receive the 10% discount.
  • I’m always looking for new stylists and massage therapists who wish to become part of my team at Cardinal Day Spas. I’m looking for team members who wish to help our 100% organic Spa continue expanding. If you send a stylist or massage therapist to me, I will add an additional $25.00 to your card.

Call 540-479-1712 today to set up your appointment.

I know you must be wondering if there are any conditions to my gift card program, and there are a few:

After using your free $25.00 on your Gift Card, make sure that you save the card because you can still add 10% discounted money to your card. Your free $25.00 gift card must be used on a purchase of at least $50.00 of services and cannot be used on products or tips. If you receive your gift card in the studio, then it may not be used on the initial transaction where you received your gift card. Your $25.00 gift card may only be used in our Spa. Your $25.00 gift card may only be used in our Spa. That’s the only conditions on your Free $25.00 gift card.

After using your Free $25.00 and having added 10% discounted money to your card, there are only three conditions on its use. The card must be used in our Spa, you may not use your Rewards Card (Gift Card) on the day that you reload it with discounted money, and you cannot pay a tip with the card because it is discounted money. You may now use the card to pay for both services and products without a minimum dollar requirement.

There is one additional condition on the gift card that you purchased for a friend or relative and that is, they will not receive an additional gift card to use at the time of service, but they may still add 10% discounted money onto the card that you gave them, and you will still receive $25.00 added to your card.

Since you are a client, or future client I’m giving you a free $25.00 gift card. By becoming a regular client, you will be eligible to receive a 10% discount every time that you reload your Rewards Card.

Thank You for helping to make Cardinal Day Spas possible.

Call 540-479-1712 today to set up your appointment. Don’t miss out on the use of the Free $25.00 on your gift card.


Julie Dawn




        For further information or to schedule an appointment call (540) 479-1712. You may also submit your questions using the contact form.

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