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First Appointment

What can you expect on your first appointment?


On your first appointment please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a new customer form, it’s very easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. All customer information is held in confidence.

Facials and massages both have their own form in addition to the address form. These are only required to be filled out for your first massage or your first facial. The facial form is about skin and health, the massage form is about your body and health. Both forms need a current medication list and the massage form also asks for your Doctors name and phone number.

After the brief time it takes to fill out your paperwork, it will be time for your consultation and assessment where your desires and goals will be discussed and then combined, and a plan developed. After the plan has been formed and agreed upon, we will begin your service, or services.

Because Cardinal Day Spas is by appointment only you wont be waiting log for your service to begin.

We have free beverages, and Wi-Fi. Wear comfortable clothing especially if you’re getting a long service like a color and cut.

All that’s left of your first experience at Cardinal Day Spas other than feeling wonderful and looking great is to schedule your next appointment and to check out.

Cardinal day Spas has a cancellation and rescheduling fee of $25.00 for any appointment cancelled or missed less than 48 hours prior to a scheduled session, except in the case of an emergency, or with prior agreement. 


If I haven’t covered everything you need to know about your first appointment, then for further information or to schedule an appointment you may call (540) 479-1712.

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