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What our customers have to say

"I definitely enjoyed my time at Cardinal Day Spa, as always.  Thank you Chuck for following up with me.  Julie is so kind to spend extra time with me.  She treats me like a VIP as I am sure Julie does with all of the Spa’s clients.   Julie has provided much useful information regarding the source of my back pain, numbness and burning sensations experienced in my left leg radiating down to my toes.  I am taking action regarding the referral Julie provided. I truly appreciate the caring atmosphere and the professionalism exhibited by the owners and staff of Cardinal Day Spa.  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, 


Infinite Love , Light, and Gratitude,  Melissa Young."


"Julie Dawn has been my stylist for over 30 years….Her new studio is fabulous.  I especially love that she is a certified organic stylist and am very happy she uses and sells the OWAY products."


"The massages I get from Julie are amazing and have helped me with relaxing and health issues. Thank you for making my quality of life so much better. Looking forward to a long relationship." Sharon Grantz


"A manicure at Cardinal Day Spas is incredibly relaxing! Helpful advice, competent help and visible results amazing!"


"At Cardinal Day Spas, my feet are in the best hands! I always look forward to my next visit. The service is the best."


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